Number of lamps Max lamp power Base type Diameter (external) Diameter (recessed hole) Collection

With the correct distribution of light, regardless of the height of the ceiling, the width and size of the room, you can achieve the desired result - to lighten the room as much as possible, as well as all interior items, furniture and accessories. Pendant lamps, sconces and even chandeliers will not be able to create the desired effect as much as possible, because in order for the light to fall evenly in the room, it must also be scattered evenly. This result can be achieved thanks to spotlights - these are small lamps of various shapes and capacities, usually small in size, the main feature of which is the uniform distribution of light over the ceiling. Spotlights are very compact, one of their most notable advantages is that they do not require much space, so they can be placed with a small distance. At the same time, the ceiling will still remain open due to the small size of these lamps.

Usually, most buyers prefer the same lamps, sconces, chandeliers and spotlights. If you plan to place all these lighting products in the same room, then you need to stick to one scale and style in order to maintain a sense of harmony. Bright, harmonious lighting will give a special charm to the room, give home comfort, with the help of spotlights, the house will shine in a new way. You can buy spotlights in a store located in Lviv, as well as production. Thanks to a wide range of the most lighting products for every taste, each customer, with the help of a catalog of fixtures, can easily find out the most important characteristics of spotlights, as well as make their choice. All the necessary information is waiting for the buyer in the online catalog.