Wall lamps

Base type Number of lamps Max lamp power Height Distance from the wall Diameter Price Collection

Thanks to well-thought-out lighting and the right arrangement of lighting products in a room, you can make a light accent on a particular area. In addition, a brightly lit room has a more aesthetic appearance, its own special charm, a cozy atmosphere, harmony reigns throughout the house. It is quite easy to achieve the desired result and brighten your home as much as possible. To do this, you need to buy chandeliers that will spread a lot of light, floor lamps and lamps, and the main element that will elegantly complete the overall lighting will be a sconce. These wall lamps, although quite small, attract attention and fascinate with their elegance.

The design of modern sconces can be the most diverse - from simple, barely decorated to elegant, enchanting models, exclusive items. The choice of sconce lamps depends on the buyer, on his preferences, tastes and the overall design of the room. You can buy a sconce in the online store of lighting products, which presents various models of sconces, as well as lamps, table lamps, floor lamps and chandeliers. The store, as well as the production of lighting products, including sconces, is located in Lviv. Each buyer gets the opportunity to view the catalog, find out all the necessary information about a particular sconce, product prices, as well as get acquainted with bright photos of sconces. Accessible and interesting, in addition, valuable information will help you make your choice, tell you which wall sconce is suitable for your interior, complement the design and illuminate the desired area in the house or in the room. After browsing the catalog online, you can purchase a set of sconces that will be in harmony with each other and will be a stylish addition.